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Pinion and Rack

Pinion and Rack
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These are pair of gears that convert rotational motion into linear motion. Racks are gears of infinite pitch radius, whereas pinions are small cogwheel. We manufacture racks by the help of various materials like alloy steel, stainless steel, plastic or brass and these are majorly used in automobile industries and machine tool manufatures. These are mainly found in the steering mechanism of cars, steered vehicles and other wheeled vehicles. The racks and pinion manufactured and supplied by us are available in various sizes for improving vehicle and steering response. These gears are used to transform rotary motion in linear motion and vice versa. The pinion gear supplied by us involves the use of small round gear and large flat gear known as rack. If the rack is moved and the pinion rotates then the center of pinion moves taking along the pinion with it. A round spur gear, the pinion, meshes with spur gear that has teeth in straight line, the rack.
  • Generated gear racks up to 2 m in single setting, straight racks and helical racks

  • Racks and pinion matched pair up to 10 modules

  • Helical racks up to 30 degree-helix angles

  • Within 0.05 mm pitch error in 2 m length

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