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Worm Wheels

Worm Wheels
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The worm gear manufactured and supplied by us is an inclined plane around central axle. This is wheel with one or more teeth in the form of screwed threads. This wheel is made of two parts: the pinion and worm gear. Pinion has small number of teeth and these wrap around the pitch cylinder. These wheels have concave faces to fit curvature of the worm gear in order to offer line of contact instead of point contact. Worm wheels offered by us provide high angular velocity between non-intersecting shafts at right angles and provide premium power ratio. The worm wheels manufactured and supplied by us are easily available in various sizes and models as per your requirement at price range.


These wheels are used in several organizations in material handling, packaging machinery and food processing.


This product is highly efficient and its efficiency depends on the lead angle, sliding speed, lubricant, surface quality and installation conditions. These gears provide smooth and quiet form of gearing. The worm gears are used to offer high ratio speed reduction in minimal spaces. These gears are used when large gear reduction is required. Worm gear has unique property of easily turning the gear. Whereas the gear cannot turn worm because the angle on worm is shallow and when gear tries to spin the worm, then friction between two holds the worm in place. This worm gear is used as the input gear and for its operation torque is applied for input end of the worm shaft by driven sprocket or electric motor. These shafts are supported by anti-friction roller bearings. When these gears are used in high torque applications, friction causes the wear on gear teeth and erosion of restraining surface.

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